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Your team's home away from the Netplex

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4.8/5.0 from over 3.7k+ ratings

Basketball teams, volleyball teams, rec teams, wee sports teams: youth rosters are BIG. Keeping 20+ players and team parents on time and well-informed is a BIG task. 

But Heja makes this task simple for coaches and team managers. One easy-to-use app to call home away from the Netplex. Forget emails, spreadsheets, text messages and GroupMe chats. Focus on coaching instead.

This season, join more than 70,000 happy coaches and organize your team easily on Heja - starting today!

What makes Heja perfect for youth sports teams?

3 reasons coaches turn to Heja

Who can come to practice? We prompt team members to mark "going" or "not going" to all upcoming events. Coaches know numbers of players available ahead of time.

Track player availability

Last minute changes? Instantly tell all players, parents, coaches and managers at once (or individually). We'll show you who got your message.

Reach your whole team

Simple team schedule

Give your team one place to find out exactly what's going on. Heja is home away from the court. With a clear overview of upcoming practice and game times, your team is punctual and excuse-free.

Loved by 70,000+ coaches worldwide


My tip to save you time! This free app helps keep your team organized effortlessly. Easily plan upcoming events, see exactly who's available, reach your whole team at once with info, pics & vids. A stress-free coaching life!

Coach Koran Godwin

Basketball skills trainer at Jumpstart Hoops, author & University of North Florida Hall of Fame.

Heja rating

My sons team currently uses the app and we love it. So we're going to use it for our spring rec league.

Candy R.

Basketball Team Manager using Heja, Kansas City, MO

Heja rating

I choose this team app - Heja - to organize all my group workouts. It’s free, quick to set-up and so easy to use.

Paul Easton

Pro Basketball Trainer, Washington D.C.

Heja rating

•  Team Schedule detailing all practice, game & workout times

•  Find out player availability to all scheduled events

  Securely chat with team members in group or private messages

  Share images, videos and team information with everyone at once

•  Team contacts stored in one safe place - no more spreadsheets

•  Manage multiple teams separately and simply in the app

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Heja rating

4.8/5.0 from over 3.7k+ ratings

Frequently asked questions

We do. Sara leads our support team. She's great at it. When you're in the app, she'll be there too and she's always chatting to coaches who need help getting set up. The rest of us help out whenever we're needed too.

Does Heja cost anything at all?

Nope, Heja is completely free for the whole team to use.

How is Heja free?

How safe is my personal data?

Very safe! We make your security a high priority and have many years of experience in data security.

Do you offer support?

Is Heja only for coaches?

Not at all, Heja makes things easier for everyone, both on and around your team. Including but not limited to: coaches, managers, players and their parents.

We're on a journey to grow a much larger sports company devoted to championing the positive impacts of being on a sports team. And that’s why — thanks to long term investment — we are able to offer our app, Heja, to you at absolutely no cost…and without any annoying ads! You could help us out by recommending Heja to a friend!

What's Heja all about? Like coaches, we are on a mission to champion the positive impact sport plays in the lives of children and youths: encouraging healthy lifestyles, growing children into leaders and acting as a bridge between cultures. Heja, the free-for-all team app, is just our first contribution to that cause.

Your team's home away from the Netplex.
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